September 11, 2018

Call Recording – Fall 2018 Coaching Dojo All-Dojo Q&A – September 10

All-Dojo Sensei Q&A and Open Mat Sparring with Sensei Dave and Toku.

Call Highlights

  • Question: Are willing to feel the guilt of getting what you want?
  • Secret enjoyment of terrible emotions.
  • Nils asked about buying into a clients paradigm
  • Lynne asked about state change and call prep.
  • Gabe asked about being a good student.
  • Hanifa asked about being worn out by coaching.
  • Dan asked “How do I get clients?”
  • Claire asked about good coaching.
  • Hanifa asked a question about guilt and charging more money.
  • Aaron shared his coaching philosophy.


Dojo Work from the Call

  • Dan’s assignment is to try to make the universe laugh with his attempts to enroll clients.
  • Hanifa says okay when she feels guilty.
  • Gabe posts in his clan what to look out for when he’s being a good student.