April 25, 2017

Call Recording – All Dojo Q&A Call – April 21

In this video the two clans meet and challenge Sensei Christina and Sensei Toku to a round of questions.

Call Highlights

  • Jeff and Maxine enroll us in wanting to go first with their question:
    • Jeff asks: “How do you handle money objections, especially when they see it as a transaction of time for money?”
    • Maxine asks: “How do you end a session 10min in when you feel the client is done and you have more time allotted for the session?”
  • Robert asks: “How do you link the magic you create in a conversation to the possibility of a long term experience?”
  • Emmy asks: “I’m noticing my edge as a coach is to be fully seen, how do I lean into that edge?”
  • Mark asks: “How do you handle a prospect who has gone silent?”
  • Alice asks: “I set up a call with a potential client, they rescheduled, I challenged them and they got triggered. I still want to coach them, what do I do now?”