February 23, 2018

Call Recording – All Dojo Q&A – February 23

In this video all samurai in all the clans meet and challenge Sensei Toku and Sensei Christina with their questions. Guest appearance by Sensei Bay and Sensei Adam.

Call Highlights

  • Jeff asked what to do or ask when lost in a coaching session with a client and money objection.
  • Sia asked if a coaching session always need to be deep and transformational.
  • Kevin asked how to own our gifts without shining too brightly.
  • Matt asked how to handle an opportunity for a drop at the very end of a session.
  • Rob asked about agreements.
  • Alex asked about constructing metaphors.
  • Mike asked how to approach clients questioning their own confidence/self-esteem.
  • Steve asked about keeping it fresh with long term clients.