May 1, 2021

Half-Day Dojo – June 2021

Join Us In The Practice Of Coaching Mastery

Do you want to play with time like Dr. Strange?

In your meetings and coaching conversations, time can be abundant or scarce, a burden or a gift. Your clients and employees use time to delay, to rush, to motivate, to avoid. In your life, time can be created as spacious, compressing, wasteful, flowing, or structured. And in your business, time can stretch, bend, and scope out to hold almost any kind of purpose or project.

How you create time is how you create everything. Unlike money, which you can make more of, or ideas, which you can generate from scratch, or even love, which seems to grow as soon as you look at it…time can feel and be experienced like a speed limit and boundary to our lives unlike any other. It’s for this reason that we are centering this Half-Day Dojo on time.

Kata: The Creation of Time

In the Half-Day Dojo you will:

  • Learn how our relationship to time affects everything we do, how to get clear on the context we bring to conversations, and how to use time as a tool for creating powerful and effective conversations.
  • Learn the fundamentals of coaching mastery and how to use it to help leaders and team members be more efficient and effective.
  • Practice playing with time and helping someone shift their own beliefs to help them be inspired and empowered when they leave.
  • Get incredible feedback on how you coach people to align what they want with the goals of your company or your coaching so that you know how to inspire people to do incredible work.
  • Walk away with deeper confidence and a deeper understanding of how you can show up as a new and more powerful leader tomorrow and for every day of 2021.

DATE: Wednesday, June 2

12-4pm Eastern (9am-1pm PT / 5-9pm UK)

TOPIC: The Creation of Time

Sensei: Toku McCree, Matt Thieleman