January 27, 2018

Rocking Your Enrollment Conversation

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There are five tenants to rocking your enrollment conversation:

Connect | invite | create | propose | coaching beyond yes or no

Let’s delve into the first three quickly:

Connecting: Go and talk to people with curiosity. Do they mention a problem I can coach around? That’s all to look for at this stage. Focus on connecting as inviting will follow.

Inviting: This step has to go slowly and gently. Don’t be needy or graspy, so practice this a lot so it’s natural. 

Create: This step is about being an amazing coach and blowing them away


  1. Build rapport
  2. Cover agreements:
  • Anything is possible in this conversation
  • Hold nothing back
  • Deep coaching but you control the depth
  • Play full out and give me 100%
  • Are we both 100% on this?
  1. Safe harboring:
  • This is how the session will go-
    • We talk about agreements
    • Deep dive for 60 minutes
    • At the end 1 of 3 things will happen
      • You are going to ask me about working with me, what does it look like, what does it cost. I might say to you I want to work with you, what does it look like, and what does it cost.
      • This is a conversation we might want to keep going so we are going to plan another conversation.
      • It’s a no for now for either one of us. I will connect you with a resource or another coach.
    • Ask: Is there anything else we need to know?
    • Start and end with deep breathing and connecting
  1. COACH Now:
  • For 60 minutes deep dive, ask yourself: How blown away are they? Are they ready to be proposed to? Is it the right time?
  • Note: people are way more enrolled after the first session, so go slow and consider a second session
  • Try future visioning, as this expands their possibilities to get really clear on their vision of their future to work on:

“3 years from today and you have achieved everything you wanted to achieve what would that look like, what would that feel like, what would that sound like, where would you be, who would you be surrounded by, what would you be doing? What would be more amazing than that? Step it up more. What would it be like in your body?”

  • Wrap up by asking what are the areas of growth that you have seen to work on?
  1. Logistics
  • Paying for coaching is about insights and their own potential
  • When we meet and how
  • Then say your number, go quiet, look them in the eyes, say nothing

Coaching beyond yes or no

No weak ass yes or no, they need to be all in or all out. When they say no, you really want to know why. Money is the easiest way to say no and your job is to find out why they are saying no around the money. If they say no then take coaching off the table. If they think you are coaching them around the money they won’t open up and be honest. Say:

“Awesome I’m totally happy you are a no and I want to take coaching off the table, I’m not going to offer you coaching right now and even if you asked me for coaching I’m not going to say yes right now.”

“I’m just going to coach you around your ‘no’ because I just want to say no from a really empowered place. Is it ok if I ask you some questions about that as it would really help me as a coach and I think it would really help you about being a no?”

“What would you have to get out of the coaching for that amount of money to be an easy yes for you?”

This is about them getting really clear on what they want and serves 2 purposes:

  1. Helping them move past this roadblock of saying no.
  2. It’s market research for you.

Next, ask them the following…

Question 1: What is the value they want? What would move them past this roadblock? What value would you want to get?

Question 2: What could you afford? What would you want to get for that amount? (And ask yourself: For that price what do they think they could get?)

They key here is to coach around the value they want to get or present (sometimes this unlocks the problem) draw more out of them. Next, you have two options…

Option 1: Another deep dive around the problem. Go back into creation mode. Coach them around the patterns in their life like this one they present with.

Option 2: If I was to create something “Special” for you around $x would you be interested in that?

For option 2, what would you want to create? (This option helps new coaches just get coaching.) And ask yourself “Do I really want to work with this person and what would that look like?”

As a new coach be creative with your sessions. The goal of coaching and the NO is not to get them to say YES. The goal is “Can I really identify what is standing in the way of them saying YES in this area of their life? If they are saying NO can I get them to a really powerful reason for saying NO?” Money is not a powerful reason. If you find the powerful reason and it’s a NO, then they have left the coaching session feeling empowered and so should you.