Honorable Samurai
Welcome to the Dojo

For Centuries,

warriors have come together in halls of practice to sharpen their blades, forge connections, and master their craft.

The Samurai Coaching Dojo was constructed not of wood, metal, and stone, but instead of devotion, service, and wholehearted practice.

The winds of time and life could have blown you anywhere.
Yet by chance and by choice, you stand before the simple arch of this hallowed hall.
We welcome you to our digital Dojo with all the love, joy, and power we have to offer.

And now is the moment.

The moment you step through the door.

Our journey together begins.

  • A deep desire to serve others.

  • A longing to connect with fellow practitioners.

  • A hunger for greater depth in your life and your work.

  • A passion for practicing the artful craft of coaching.

Each Samurai's journey through the Dojo is unique.

This can feel both thrilling and terrifying with many things we cannot know:
- How might you change or be changed by those you meet inside?
- What parts of yourself will you shed along the way?
- Which shifts will be revealed in the months or years to come?

We invite you to surrender to the unknown.

When you trust yourself to face anything, you gain the ability to see everything.

Your Dojo support Team

We are dedicated to serving you in the Dojo.

Toku McCree

Co-Founder & Sensei
Toku is a master coach dedicated to helping coaches confront and reveal extraordinary truth.

Matt Thieleman

Matt Thieleman
Matt is a master coach and advocate for mindfulness in leadership.

Angela Tan and Taylor Henderson

Dojo Support Team
Angela and Taylor are 4th degree black belts in Samurai support, dedicated to solving problems and making sure you’re served powerfully with stealthy delight.

Please take a deep breath to feel into this moment.
Then, lift your head, soften your belly, and take your first step inside the Dojo.